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About Me

I was raised here in College Station and have been working in various aspects of the residential building industry since the late 70's. Starting in High School I worked summers as a trim carpenter and painter. After High School I joined the Air Force Reserves and spent a few years there. When I finished my active duty training I came back here and attended TAMU majoring in architecture. I was not really very interested in the commercial side of construction and in those days I really wanted to be a designer/builder so I left TAMU and got a job as a building superintendent for a local home building company. I went on to have my own home building company and in total had the responsibility of construction of about 100 houses. In 2002 decided to refocus on my original interest of design. I enjoy helping people off to a good start and I believe all of my practical experience in addition to artistic training makes me a better designer.

Design On-Line

There are several good apps available these days to make collaborative designing over distance very easy. The ones I have used are:


Google Hangouts

But there are many others that do about the same thing.

-they have video and voice conferencing features which allow me to share my screen while we talk about it. So I can show the plan and make changes in real time and walk around the model while we discuss various aspects of the design. This makes it fast and easy to collaborate.

All you need is the fairly small app and a good internet speed and they are available for full size computers, pads or phones.

I mostly use the PDF file format for plan distribution.
PDF's make it easy to send and review the plan in (digital print form)
Acrobat is commonly preinstalled in many systems or is available as an app.
It has some annotation tools which allow you to make comments or changes and can be printed on any printer.

I do not provide printed material but most printing services have large printers that can print the PDF's at full size (typically 24"x36").  Generally all you need to do is forward the plans to the printer of your choice with printing instructions.

Here is B-CS the services I use most are

Angonia Printing

Copy Corner

But I have also used other places like Office Depot.
If you have trouble getting you PDF's printed I can help.

For your own resources:
If you want to collect your own online resources there are sites like


Which provide a way to make a digital scrapbook of ideas and notes which relate to your project