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About Me

I was raised here in College Station and have been working in various aspects of the residential building industry since the late 70's. Starting in High School I worked summers as a trim carpenter and painter. After High School I joined the Air Force Reserves and spent a few years there. When I finished my active duty training I came back here and attended TAMU majoring in architecture. I was not really very interested in the commercial side of construction and in those days I really wanted to be a designer/builder so I left TAMU and got a job as a building superintendent for a local home building company. I went on to have my own home building company and in total had the responsibility of construction of about 100 houses. In 2002 decided to refocus on my original interest of design. I enjoy helping people off to a good start and I believe all of my practical experience in addition to artistic training makes me a better designer.


There is a tremendous amount of variability between projects so it is hard to give exact prices without discussing it but here is a guide for the average new house.

For a basic plan set: (all prices are per square foot of covered area unless noted)

Where you have made a drawing of what you want and so there are not many variables. This is basically drafting your plan into a new finished working drawing.

Minimum cost: $550.00 for any new house (basic plan)
$0.30 + (area x .00002)  -Single Story Basic Plan
$0.35 + (area x .00002)  -Two Story Basic Plan

If we start from scratch  add  $0.15

Typically this represents the maximum cost and some projects could be less.
For example, I do a fair number of Barndominiums (this is a house built in a Steel utility building shell) These projects tend to be much simpler and often only require a floor plan. There could also be situations where the house is unusually complex and would take more time.

Then you need to add other drawings you may need:
Site Plan  $75  (does not include grade lines or drainage)
ResCheck $50
Foundation Plan $.10 per foot (not created by a P.E., no soil analysis)
Ceiling Joist Plan $.05 per foot
Rafter Plan $.05 per foot
2nd Floor Framing Plan $.05 (2x12 floor joists per floor area)
Sections $30 each

Other Services:
If I need to come to the site for any reason $30 per hour including drive time
Interior Modeling:  Kitchen -$240, Master Bath - $140, Other - $90
Anything else like spec sheets, room finish schedules, material lists, etc. I will bid as needed.

It is very unusual but if we develop a model and then for some reason completely change direction for example you want a 3000 sq.ft. 2 story house but when you get a preliminary bid it costs way to much and so we have to start a new design single story 2500 sq.ft. house.

Getting a house to the preliminary bid stage represents about 40% of the total time so if we have a plan that is 2 story 3000 sq.ft. we had started from scratch we would have $1380.00 x 40%  =  $552.00 in the project by that time and would then start over with a new plan. 

When I give a quote it is a set price as long as there are no overruns like the above example (having to start over) or an unusual amount of changing and I will let you know in advance if that is happening.

To minimize cost on your end you need to have the clearest idea of what you want your house to be and then be able to communicate that to me.