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I was raised here in College Station and have been working in various aspects of the residential building industry since the late 70's. Starting in High School I worked summers as a trim carpenter and painter. After High School I joined the Air Force Reserves and spent a few years there. When I finished my active duty training I came back here and attended TAMU majoring in architecture. I was not really very interested in the commercial side of construction and in those days I really wanted to be a designer/builder so I left TAMU and got a job as a building superintendent for a local home building company. I went on to have my own home building company and in total had the responsibility of construction of about 100 houses. In 2002 decided to refocus on my original interest of design. I enjoy helping people off to a good start and I believe all of my practical experience in addition to artistic training makes me a better designer.


I think that a licensed engineer is the most qualified person to design structural elements. There may be some cases where a manufacturer (like trusses for example) have technicians that design their own system.

If you need that service I can work with any engineer you choose.

Usually the only time required on my part is sending a CAD file to them.

Here are some local structural engineers:

Gessner Engineering 680-8840

Dunham Engineering  599-5430

Dudley Engineering  666-0942

For good details there are several guides available these days:

This shows how to brace a house properly to handle higher winds and tornados

Also these days we tend to have more and larger windows and doors and so portal framing is important:

For the basics of building codes I like

Residential Code Essentials, 2018 Edition

2015 Residential Building Codes